Journey With Us

We all know that life is a journey. There are thousands of great inspirational quotes to remind us that where we are right now isn't really the end-all-to-be-all. There's more to your story that isn't written yet.

I'll never forget looking through photos as a kid of my mom and aunt going to a Stryper concert in their early twenties. The year was 1984 and the location was Anaheim, California.
There are two fundamental lies circulating in society that hinder a person's well-being. The first is that in order to come off as strong and independent, you have to give the illusion that everything is okay and you have it all together. I say illusion because none of us ever have it all together and that's perfectly fine.
1PM - 7PM Saturdays

Does anyone remember where they were the first time a song changed their life? Oh, the nostalgia we feel when we hear that song from then on. Switchback Saturday is all about the "feels" of musical nostalgia.