Program Schedule


  • 9pm - 10pm // Reluctant Radio / Indie Artists
    Reluctant Radio is a nationally syndicated half hour weekly radio show featuring the coolest Christian music you've never heard, co-hosted by Katy Kinard and Scott Cook in Nashville. Reluctant Radio has been on the air more than nine years and is currently broadcast on over 30 radio stations from New York to California, including 97X.


  • 6pm - 8pm // Hip Hop Happy Hour


  • 6pm - 8pm // Hip Hop Happy Hour


  • 6pm - 8pm // Hip Hop Happy Hour


  • 6pm - 8pm // Hip Hop Happy Hour


  • 6pm - 8pm // Hip Hop Happy Hour
  • 8pm - 10pm // Blessed Beatz Live w/ Marcus Sullivan
    Blessed Beatz Radio with Marcus Sullivan is positive and inspirational hip hop with an edge to the merging of a pop-culture and faith, to inspire, empower, and uplift communities and listeners in a positive way.


  • 11am - 1pm // Saturday Hair Metal Lunch Block
  • 1pm - 7pm // Switchback Saturday Classic Rock Weekend