The David Alliance

It's about YOU. Feeling ill-equipped to conquer your world? Satisfaction escaping you? Looking for something that's geared for MEN? We invite you to meet Garth Heckman and The David Alliance. Check out his Facebook page or listen to his podcast here.


A message from Garth

Men are slaving over THE RELIGION OF MASCULINITY and it's not paying off! Christian men are feeling pressured to feel, act and believe that you must be quiet, calm and not ruffle feathers. IT'S TIME TO SHAKE HELL!

The David Alliance started out of frustration for where men are in the world today. What happened to the men who are willing to tip over the tables in the church like Jesus did? We have spent too much time worrying about being good … which really means average. F*#!@ AVERAGE! That's right …FAITH average! 

Put your walk and your dreams in the fire of faith and LIGHT IT UP! Join the Movement, join the podcast and join FREEDOM!