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New this month:

Adelaide - Masquerade (Strong And Brave)
Samuel Day - Warrior Spirit (single)
Collision Of Innocence - Vicious Cycles (single)
Relent - Danger (single)
Skillet - Surviving The Game (Surviving The Game)
Devin Williams - Sunshine (single)
RandyB Funk - Work (single)
New this month:
Lawrence Jamal - Pick Me Up
D.A.V. - The Divided
Kardia Complex - Come All You Weary
Raging Moses (feat. Darmea) - Velour Seats
Mawcore - Rise Up
New this month:
Jenna Parr - T.K.O. (Made For This)
Behold The Beloved - Playing With Fire (single)
Fireflight - Keep Your Head Up (Who We Are: The Head And The Heart)
The Protest - Show Up To The Showdown (single)
The Midnight Wedding - Kill Me (Anthem For The Outcast)
Theody - Tempest (single)
TobyMac - Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)(single)
Manafest (feat. Sam Tinnesz) - Blackout (single)
Matt Moore - Broken Pieces (single)