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Outside the Walls

Join Dave and Mary Bechtold for good times and the Good Word. The Bechtold's share joy and hope through hospitality and generosity, meeting people where they are.



Dave and Mary Bechtold create safe spaces to process life together and talk about faith, outside the walls of a church building. Join them for spiritual events in secular venues, where they celebrate good news and cultivate a sense of belonging and hope. Life is hard, and community is good! In these gatherings and through media, they help people discover a greater vision of who they were created to be.

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We sat down with Dave recently to learn more about Outside the Walls. Listen in to hear his passion for God and people.




Come together for a meaningful hour together focused on faith, hope and love. Enjoy a brief presentation and some guided discussion among friends in the best cigar lounge around!

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Join Dave and Mary for a meaningful hour together to focus on faith, hope and love. Enjoy great coffee and rich conversation while exploring what hope looks like! Come and be refreshed in an encouraging environment with friends.




What began over a pot of coffee with a few friends has become a midweek destination for guys all across the Madison area! This is where men of all ages come to relax and connect in the middle of a busy week.

No pressure...
No responsibilities...
Just guys hanging out.

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