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Welcome to 97x Ink Stories. Share your story and tell us what Biblical truth, tattoo-monial or Christian art you've chosen to put on your body and why. Life changing events leave us forever changed in His name, we want to hear what He has done for you.

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Faithfulness In The Midst Of Fragility Comes Flourishing

Thursday, October 07, 2021 •
This gives me faith in the midst of fragility.
Faithfulness In The Midst Of Fragility Comes Flourishing

Six years ago I gave my life to Jesus. Six years ago I chose to live my life fully surrendered to the Lord. Praise God! Throughout the last four years life has been rough. I have felt my deep human fragility and experienced intense pain. Through it all, through every single moment of these last six years, I have also experienced the Lord's great faithfulness. God has been incredibly faithful through every twist and turn of this life I am living. In His faithfulness, I have also chosen to be faithful to God.


In that faithfulness comes beauty and brings flourishing. Our hearts are fragile and when we align our hearts with His and recognize His heart beating and aching with ours, we see the power and delight the Lord has in us every day. In His faithful and steadfast love, flourishing will come. Glory, Honor, and praise will be brought to His name. I designed this tattoo during quarantine 2020 and my grandma wrote the word faithful. Having her handwriting on my arm and close to my heart is something so sweet to me.

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